Power Probe Hook Circuit Tester The Premier Device 12 to 48-Volt


Product Details.

The HOOK by Power Probe is an adjustable power supply, Diagnostic Circuit Tester and DVOM
It activates electrical components with high current power and ground adjustable from 2 - 65 Amps


• Digital Volt meter
• Ohm meter
• Amp meter
• MIN/MAX glitch capturing with Smart Tip Advantage® (automatic meter and range selection) and advanced diagnostic modes.
• Adjustable Power Supply (2-65Amps)
• Solid State Circuit Breaker (Electronic)
• Smart Tip Advantage® (Meter Auto Select and range)
• Hot Shot® (Power andamp; Ground Load Test)
• Dual Continuity Relay Tester

Part No.Description
RPPH1 Hook Circuit Tester

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