PPEVR PROBE - Variable input voltage


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PPEVR PROBE - Variable input voltage
0.5 - 7 volts andamp; only 1.5 amp output

The VR probe is designed to allow the technicians to input voltage from 0.5 volts up to 7 volts in 0.5 volt increments with only 1.5 amp output.

This will allow the technicians to be able to create the desired sensor signal with the correct voltage to components on the computer side

without any worries of causing damage the ECU.

When using the VR probe in conjunction with their scope, scan tool you will be able to see if the correct voltage is being applied to that

circuit / sensor and also if the component is being activated on the scope.

You may also by-pass the component and send the desired voltage directly back to the ECU which will allow you to bypass the sensor

implying that the sensor is working and allowing you to remove the fault code.

Designed to work on

Acc pedal voltages 5v

Egr signal voltage

Diesel regulator valve 1.0 v

Throttle bodys

Camshaft sensor

Crankshaft sensor



LIN lines for wipers

Parking sensors

Temperature Sensors

Oil pressure sensors

Anything transducers based

Almost anything that is on 5 volts or below.

The VR Probe will help eliminate the guess work when testing for faults and changing the components unnecessarily.

Can be connected to 12 or 12volt systems with LED displaying the vehicles voltage, will also indicate by flashing if battery voltage is low

UoI: 1


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