Ledlenser P7R Signature - 2000 Lumens

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Led Lenser

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Ledlenser P7R Signature - 2000 Lumens

The Ledlenser P7R SIGNATURE rechargeable LED torch provides powerful natural light illumination, an auxiliary red light to preserve night vision and the ability to customise settings to suit user preference.

  • 7-year with registration warranty - for complete peace of mind
  • Four brightness levels - Boost 2000lm, Power 1200lm, Mid-Power 500lm, Low Power 15lm, plus Position, Blink, SOS, and Strobe
  • Patented Advanced Focusing System - clever engineering enables seamless beam focusing for flood (near) or spot (distance) illumination and any level in-between
  • State-of-the-art multi-core precision optic delivers an outstanding quality of light
  • Smart Light Technology Plus - enables customization of light modes and settings for maximum user flexibility
  • Rotary light switch - enable fast selection of customized light modes
  • Natural Light Technology - delivers light with a high colour rendering index (CRI) score for those that demand precision in distinguishing colours as accurately as possible
  • Dimming feature - dim the light intensity to provide just the right level of illumination
  • Flicker-free light - prevents a strobe effect, for example on fast moving machinery
  • Seal-Tight Technology - supreme level of ingress protection. 100% dust tight. Watertight against the effects of temporary immersion in water between 15cm and 1m for up to 30 minutes. Rated IP68. Ideal for working in dusty or wet environments
  • Secondary auxiliary red light - helps preserve night vision and prevent glare
  • Transport Lock mode - prevents accidental battery drain if switch is inadvertently depressed whilst in transit
  • Metal housing - aircraft grade aluminium provides strength and durability whilst being corrosive resistant
  • Environmentally friendlier - housing and rechargeable battery lasts significantly longer than disposable alternatives
  • Low Battery warning - allows user time to replace batteries before power runs out • Battery status indicator - indicates how much charge is still left in the battery
  • Charging indicator - indicates when battery is fully charged during recharging
  • Magnetic Charge System - water and dust tight, fuss-free magnetic contact charging. No need to remove battery out of its housing
  • Fast charging via supplied magnetic contact charging cable - just 4.5 hours to full charge. Can be used independently of the wall mount (supplied) which is also ideal for mounting on walls or vehicles
  • Supplied with 1 rechargeable battery (L-ion 21700) wrist-strap, pocket clip, wall mount, magnetic contact charging cable, 3-pin plug with usb port and pouch

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